Internet Marketing – Where Do I Begin?

How do I begin a journey within

the internet, when I know so little about marketing and the

internet?  I know how to get to facebook and to my emails

but other than that, it is a mystery.



Is this you and how you feel?

I felt this way before I began to search

on the internet and remember when

“Google” used to be a noun and now it is

a noun and a verb.  How many times

when you have asked a question, your friends

might suggest; why don’t you “google that”?




Are you beginning to wander all over the internet

looking for something that just might catch your

eye?   And then you begin to wonder, how do you

know if this company or program is a good one?  It

looks good but then you haven’t had any experience

in finding out whether or not this company is as

good as you think it might be.



Image - how to pick the right thing






Picking the right company for you is

very important because it could mean the

difference between success and failure.



These are a few of the important things

that you need to look at within a company

to make sure it fits your ideals.



1) Good leaders in the company.  Do they

work with you rather than above you.  This is

important for leaders to show by example

rather than just explain.



2) Having a good platform that is easily

understood and easy to utilize.



3) Having a good system that is easily

duplicated.  If you can’t understand a

program, then how can you duplicate it?



4) Having members you would like to work

with on a regular basis.



5) Have a good compensation plan.  How

are you paid and what are you paid.  In other

words, if you are paid a 100% commission, it

is better than being paid 20%.  Also it is

a big incentive with residual income.  Are

you paid later for work that you have done

now?  This is big in internet marketing!!



There are a lot of things to look over before

you make some decisions.  Don’t base your

decision by looking at something for the first

time.  Do your research and look into the




Who are the leaders and how do they get

paid?  Do they get paid the same way you do

or do they get paid for just sitting at the top?



Do they have a system that can easily be

duplicated.  In other words, can you see

yourself being able to work the whole

program and then be able to explain

and show other potential members the

same thing?



Is the system one that you feel comfortable

with and feel that you can understand the

workings of the program and that the company

has a learning platform that you feel comfortable

with.  Just remember that any company that

is worth working with, is going to take some

work and effort to be successful.  Sitting on

the couch and pushing some buttons ain’t

going to work!!!



There are a couple of companies that I work with

and I find them to both be extremely helpful and

supportive.  They have systems that are extremely

duplicable and easy to understand and both have

100% paid commissions for the work that you do.



MLSP is one of those companies that appeared

because there was an important need to allow

network marketers to understand and implement

the overall strategies of the internet and relating

it to marketing on the internet.  This is exactly

why they were formed, because there was so

much misunderstanding as to how and why.



Take a look around MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

and see what they have to offer.  Their platform is

an educational and understanding one that has

helped many of the contemporary leaders of the

internet today.   CLICK HERE   and take a peek

and you’ll see all of what they offer.



Empower Network is another company that was

formed because the co-founders felt there was

a need to offer members 100% commissions and

have an easy way to begin your journey.  This is

what they were able to do and in 22 months have

over 150,000 members who have been paid over

$60 Million.  Successful, you need to check for

yourself and see!  CHECK HERE  to see what

they are all about.



Internet Marketing can be extremely rewarding but

it takes certain steps that are necessary to put things

in place.  Hope you got something out of this content.

If you did, please let me know and if you have question,

let me know.  If you get in, welcome to this amazing



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Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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