Home Based Business – How do we get there?

Home Based Business – How do we get there?

Jim Rohn in another one of his great presentations.

Here is a man who started with very little and at the

age of 25, with the help of a mentor, put himself on

track to be one of the best motivational speakers

and home based business entrepreneurs. He just

continues to come up with ideas and close to the

heart feelings that projects over to us in our

struggles to become “one of them”. “One of them”

being a successful entrepreneur in the home based

business utilizing the computer.




Napoleon Hill suggests: “Whatever the mind can

conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.

Now we can look at what Jim Rohn or Napoleon

Hill says as pure bunk or BS but if you just let

your mind work its way into thinking through

all this and realizing that these and many other

entrepreneurs have become successful because

they put aside their preconceived ideas that none

of this can work. If you want to stay in your present

mind set and physical surroundings, that is up to

you, but if you really want to succeed then you

need to understand that along with a positive

mindset and some hard work at first there is no

reason why you can’t follow them in proving

to yourself and to all those around you,

that you can do it!




There are some guidelines that you should think

about and set up if you have decided that you can

do it. They aren’t any smarter or have any better

opportunities than you and I have presented to us.

They just had to realize by changing their mindset

and immediate future plans, that there is no reason

why we can’t do it also.




There are certain steps that we need to take to

begin your journey of success and put yourself

right next to them. Many of them were nobodies

or living in their parents basements or on welfare

but they didn’t let this stop them from becoming successful.

1. Just decide that you are going to let nothing get in your

way of your path to success.

2. Find a program that lets you begin without a lot of complicated

understanding of the process.

3. Find a program that allows you to get in and begin with a small

cost upfront to at least feel yourself around to become comfortable.

4. Find a program that has a great mentorship that gives you the

ability to follow in footsteps of someone else’s success.

5. Find a program that gives you all the learning information in an

easy to understand, thorough format.

6. Find a program that continues to give you an up to date process

that keeps up with what is going on.

7. Find a program that is extremely successful and one that allows

you to have 100% commissions.

8. You don’t have to be a computer guru or one who doesn’t

thoroughly understand how computer programs work,

because a good program will hand feed you until you

understand the basics.




Empower Network is such a program. It has become one

of the most successful companies to hit the internet. This is

a company that you can start with to understand the whole

process of internet marketing. You can stick with Empower Network

to make your mark or you can learn from this company and then

move onto other territories because you have learned the basics and so

more with them. The sky is the limit to what you can do with Empower

Network which is evidenced by many who have never done any marketing

at all before and have become very successful.




Just try it, you can’t go wrong with such a minimal fee to begin. If you

find you don’t like it (which I very much doubt) just move on to other



Home Based Business – How do we get there?

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